Thursday, May 14, 2015

Time and Perspective

It is amazing what time and perspective can do for a person. Admittedly I've been feeling very sentimental lately although work has been keeping a lot of it at bay. We don't have our visas yet so there's still a lot of uncertainty. But one thing is for sure, in maybe 6 weeks time we'll be saying goodbye to this place that we've called home for the past 8 years.

All the little aches and pains of our life here don't seem significant at all. They're not even annoying. The leak under the kitchen sink. The unsealed bathroom floors. The back wall that looks like it's slowly making it's way into the cliff behind the house. The ever increasing number of lizards that scurry about all over the place (one guy surprised me a few minutes ago when I was rearranging dishes in the kitchen sink and there goes another maybe just two feet from my computer).

And these last 6 years with our Bubba boy, I wouldn't call them perfect, but it's been very, very good. It wasn't all smooth sailing. I remember moments when I wondered (with some sadness in my heart) if this is what life was all about. Adjusting to having a newborn, then toddler, the pressures of trying to balance home + work + personal needs...oh boy. But it really is true what they say, it does get better.

It's funny how the universe plans things out. Big brother is going through the same thing and they're moving in late August. To say there was a point in our relationship was strained would be an understatement. But when Pablo was born I made a conscious decision to let go of the hurt and things are a whole lot better now. He's been reaching out these past couple of months and I do appreciate it. And with both of us having little kids, the need to keep the ties that bind is even stronger. Who knows, we might even spend Christmas in what will be their part of the world in a year or so.

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