Saturday, April 11, 2015

Our next adventure

New country. New school. New place to call home. It'll be quite an adventure!

We've had weeks to digest the news and now we're starting on the paperwork that will make this whole thing a reality. We initially decided not to let Pablo know until a month (or so) before we leave but we've got an appointment with the embassy coming up and he will need to be briefed about it.

It's been a roller coaster ride. We (rather Eric) started job-hunting in earnest around October. December was one of our most subdued Christmases. Pablo was shielded from the stress but gosh, it's hard to feel the spirit of the season when you are uncertain of the future. We left in January for the job fair which was a learning experience for all of us. February is Pablo's birth month and I was able to set aside all other worries to focus on that. Towards the end of the month that's when we received the email...oh joy! Things went quite quickly after that and by mid-March we had said yes to the next phase in our lives.

The hardest part of all this was keeping the faith and trusting in the grand master plan. Shortly after we said yes, I was puttering around the kitchen and enjoying the comfort of being home. We've got a very good life here. Life is stable and we've got a wonderful support system -- and now we're uprooting our little family? Eep. Scary thought. But that's just worry and fear of the unknown speaking. Must not let such things deter us. Change is a good thing, at the very least it leads to growth. Eric and I have been feeling it for awhile. It's time for us to move on.

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