Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Pablo is a wee bit sensitive to sound. He can also be very vocal about his opinions. He makes a lot of noise but he doesn't appreciate it when other people are "noisy." More than once, Eric and I will be having a conversation and he'll ask us to be quiet because he's acting out a scenario with his toys and he doesn't want to hear anything else. Last night was one such occasion.

Pablo: Mom and Dad, can you stop talking? Because when you talk, I can't hear. And I'm playing here.
Mee: you don't want to hear Mom and Dad?
Pablo: No.
Mee: Ok then. Dad, Pablo doesn't want to hear us talking. So I think we should move upstairs so Pablo
can play down here.
Pablo: NO!!! It's ok Mom and Dad. You can talk now.

Sorry little dude. It'll be awhile before you can outsmart your mommy. ;)

Smarter than the average bear.
Image from Wikipedia.

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