Friday, October 25, 2013


This is mine.           I own it.           It is my right.           I deserve it.

What does it mean to own something? To deserve something? To claim that it is yours by right? Who determines this so-called right of ownership? Parents? The law? By virtue of birth / nationality / economic status?

Heavy thoughts on a Friday evening. It's a little sad. And frustrating.

Eric and I have a combined total of about 25 years of teaching experience - most of which have been with an international school. We've seen a lot of kids, from some well-off families. A recurring concern of ours is the sense of entitlement that some of our students exhibit. It's not something that we can do much about. We try, but at the end of the day there are certain lessons that are best learned from parents.

As parents, we're very careful with our son. Pablo has a little more than what we grew up with, especially since he's an only child with tech-loving parents. We're not rich by any means, but we live a comfortable life.

Sometimes when Pablo is being a brat and starts saying "This is mine!" I hold my breath and count to ten. You are still young my son, but in time you will learn that these things are not yours. Life isn't that easy. Your toys are yours because your daddy and I gave them to you. Such things are fleeting and can just as easily be taken away. Do not count on things that you did not earn, for they are never truly yours. With hard work comes ownership and that is the only time you can truly claim that it is yours.

I'm sorry my little Bubbaboy, but things are not all well and there are the dark clouds over mommy's sky. In time, it will all clear up and things will be ok. 

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