Thursday, December 22, 2011

Not the Christmas I had in mind

We thought this would be our last Christmas in Subic so we were planning on spending it at 61B. After 4 years...this would've been our first! But things have a way of not working out as planned and I find myself in Manila with what seems like very little control on how my days are spent. Oh well, c'est la vie.

There are benefits to staying in Makati. There are a lot of extra hands and eyes to watch our rambunctious little boy and KSP furball. Pablo needs the interaction with people outside of our little circle and they seem to enjoy being with him. We do more walking here than in Subic (strange, huh?) and don't watch as much TV (although he's now learned to say "No more shopping Mama!" when I'm on my laptop and he wants to watch a video). I also don't have to worry about food, laundry and cleaning-up is confined to one small room. Most of my energy and attention is spent on being with Pablo and keeping him entertained. All in all, it's not a bad way to spend the holidays. =)

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