Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pre-School Programs

There are times when I wish we live in Manila so that we can try Musikgarten, Little Gym, Gymboree or Kids Ahoy. They've all got great programs and I'd love to take a class with Pablo (and follow someone else's lead instead of having to plan the activity myself).

In the months leading up to the summer break, I figured we would spend several weeks here in Manila so that we could try a program. But we've found a pre-school for him in Subic and they're starting in 2 weeks. It would be too much to have him do a twice a week class in Subic, then rush down to Manila for a separate program. I was seriously considering this for awhile, but fortunately the sanity won and I've shelved the idea. Parenthood can drive a person batty. ;)

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