Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Saturday Morning Breakfast

It's difficult to chose a favorite meal time but breakfast is way up there (along with lunch, dinner and snacks ;) ). It's not something I get to enjoy very often so quiet weekends at home are particularly special.

We've wiped out all the pancake mixes in the pantry and I'm determined never to buy another box of mix again. So off to the Net to find an easy recipe that I could do with ingredients that I have on hand. I found some recipes for pancakes from Saveur and zeroed in on this one because it seemed like a good amount for 2 adults, 1 toddler and 1 dog.

I omitted the banana liqueur and walnuts and made a buttermilk substitute by using 1.25 tablespoons of white vinegar + enough whole milk to make 1.25 cups of liquid. I added 1 mashed banana and pushed several pieces of banana rounds into each flapjack while it was cooking. I made 1 trial pancake and found it to be a little bland so I added about a tablespoon of dark corn syrup (I'll probably double the sugar next time).

This recipe was a great starting point...but it also made me realize that pancakes have quite a bit of fat! There are considerable amounts of whole milk and butter plus all the butter that's used to cook the pancakes. (We don't use a lot of sugar so even at double the amount I'm not too concerned.)

Unfortunately I didn't take any photos. I was too tired and too hungry. I also prepared a side of scrambled eggs, sausage and tsokolate (finally nailed the technique to preparing tablea). This was my version of an iHop/Pancake House breakfast.

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