Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Timeline Project (Part 2)

Now that I'm not feeling so stressed (amazing what a weekend will do), I'm really enjoying this project. 

The goal is to make a timeline of the child's (albeit short) life. We're supposed to put milestones and/or memorable events. Funny, many of the "significant" events are things that he doesn't remember - birth, baptism, eating solids for the first time, first steps. We figured we'd just have photos for every year of his life and below is what came out of that idea.

As tempting as it is to just print everything as is, I decided to go with the handmade route so that Pablo can help out. It's supposed to be a poster but I didn't want to go the illustration board route. We're making an accordion-type book that you can view either stretched out, or flip the pages like a book. The photos, Lego blocks (12 blocks for every year) and text will be printed and attached to several pages of drawing paper that have been taped together.

Last Tuesday Pablo and I worked on the main framework (I cut & taped the paper while he "decorated" it). I also started working on the draft on my computer. Thursday night was more draft work (with Eric pitching in for photos). I finally finished the draft before going to bed last night.

Today it's all printing, cutting, taping, wailing in anguish (made a major boo-boo on the darn thing). Short trip to the bank and the mall with Bubba in tow to get money, food and craft supplies. Then back home for even more cutting and taping.

Pablo has been helpful for the most part. It's a long and slow process -- he'll come and join me by the table, help for a bit, then run back to his play area. To his credit, he repeated this several times and seeing as it was taking me forever finally said that I should just do it on my own. Gee, thanks son.

We're still not done. I had to take a break so we could eat dinner and now he's bugging me to make him something that he saw on YouTube. Maybe later Pablo will be in a better mode so we can stick the pictures and the text. I'm still waiting for inspiration to hit me so that I can make the cover.

I enjoy craft work a lot. It's one of my very few creative outlets (I can't draw/paint/play an instrument). I think it's very important to be able to create something. Unfortunately I have no talent for art or music so craftwork is it for me. I can learn to do something, I may not be an expert but with practice maybe I'll get good at it.

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