Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A heart so full

This is a mundane little story but this is a typical evening in our home. These are the ones that are nearest and dearest to me and I can't help but feel so blessed to have them in my life. 

Pablo has been fiddling all evening in the den with his toys and he built a little city. Eric and I were having dinner downstairs and he yelled called for us to come up to see his creation.

Pablo City!
He's very proud of it. It's right by the doorway and we've been very careful to step over it because if we knock something over he'll "cry and become bad." (Pablo's words, not mine.)

As is my habit, after dinner I retire to the bedroom while the boys hang out in the den. Duchie usually walks back and forth between the two rooms trying to figure out what to do with herself. I'm reading blogs on my computer when Pablo pops in to show me a Mickey Mouse watch that his grandmother gave him some years back. While we're talking, Eric sends Duchie out of the bedroom because she's been chewing the Duplo again.

So I say to Pablo, "Oh no. Maybe you need to check out the Pablo city. Duchie might have messed it up." (By this time, Duchie is now in the bedroom and is looking out into the hallway.)

Pablo - "Okay."

Off he runs down the corridor.

Pablo - "Oh no!"

Eric - "What's wrong?"

Pablo - "My Pablo [city]!"

Eric - "I'm sorry Pablo. Duchie..." I didn't quite hear the rest of what he said because Duchie was looking back and forth between the den and me. When she heard her name she perked up, then looked really sheepish. I think she knew Eric was explaining to Pablo that she was responsible for messing stuff up.

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Sometimes love is in the ordinary and unexciting. It's warm and snuggly, like a well-loved blanket. Just listening to them and looking at Duchie filled me with so much love.

It's been a hectic holiday season. School ended a little later than usual, then down to Manila for an unscheduled trip to attend a reunion. Back up to Subic to host the Tolentinos for lunch here in Subic. Back down to Manila for Poste dinner. Return to Subic to host my dad, et al for New Year's eve. Our home has never had so many guests. It's been wonderfully crazy. Eric and I enjoy having people over and Pablo loved it too.

Today was a return to normal. I've been cleaning non-stop for several days to try to keep the chaos at bay. Yaya is back and she got the house back into its proper order. Bubba had a nice long nap beside his dad which gave me a chance to snuggle with Duchie on the sofa. Life is good.

Happy 2013 everyone.

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