Sunday, October 21, 2012

The joys of living outside the city

Last night I was tidying up the rooms upstairs while Pablo and Eric were playing downstairs. Fifteen minutes into whatever he was doing, Pablo starts shouting "Mommy come! I have something to show you!"

So I rush downstairs to my excited little boy.

"Come! Come! I have something to show you!" he says as he leads the way outside. In my head I'm thinking, he probably wants to show me some weird insect or maybe Duchess doing her business. Once outside he gestures up into the sky and proudly proclaims "Tada! Look Mom, moon and stars!"

My heart just melts. Gosh, the sense of wonder of this boy. These are the moments when being an indulgent parent pays off.

And he didn't stop there. We marched back into the house to get Eric with cries of "C'mon Dad! I have something to show you!" Once Eric was outside, Pablo went back into the house to get three chairs (I do the actual grunt work while he oversees which chairs are to be brought outside). Duchess running back and forth with us, not quite sure what the hubbub was all about.

We sat outside our house for maybe 20 minutes enjoying the cool air under the moon and stars. Duchie sniffing around and occasionally barking at a passerby. Pablo and his daddy played "what's-that-sound" while I was just happy to share this magical moment with my family.

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