Saturday, February 4, 2012

The company that you keep...

makes a world of difference!

We spent the day at the Pawikan Beach of Anvaya Cove with some of my favorite people who are in town from Cebu. I had been to Anvaya about a year ago on a school trip. I thought the beach was too hot, the swimming pools too bright, and a little bored with the whole place. I liked the attention to details, yummy food and wonderful service but when all was said and done, all I wanted to do was go home.

This second time around was a blast! The weather was cooperative with the sun hiding behind thick clouds for a good portion of the afternoon. Max and Pablo were busy playing while Monski, Eric and I chatted and puttered around making sure the boys played nice and didn't get sand in their eyes. Pablo and I later hiked down to the water just as the hobies had cast off. The water was sparkling clean and no jellies in sight, totally safe for a curious little boy to wade in and out. Once the little guys tired of the sand we moved over to the swimming pools and they happily splashed about the nicest toddler pool I've ever seen. They positioned themselves at the base of the water slide and Mama Mona and I must've thrown balls up the slide a bazillion times before we convinced our shivering kids to finally get out of the water.

But the fun didn't stop there! After showering for a second time that afternoon it was off to the airconditioned playroom. Eric caught a few zzzz's (making Max wonder what the funny roaring sound was) while Monski and I continued to catch up as the boys fiddled with every single toy in the room. We later met up with David then visited their casita where the boys were still at it even though both of them must have been very tired (Max was still going even after skipping his afternoon nap).

I usually take a break and put my feet up which is why I wasn't too keen on Anvaya before because we didn't have a private room to rest. But today we played all afternoon! And I'm so happy our boys got along (Pablo and I watched videos of Max to prepare him for today) and I had an afternoon with one of my dearest friends. It made the stress of the morning coupled with an uncooperative stomach but a vague memory. All I remember is that today was a happy, happy day.

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