Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Teachers' Day!

You know you're a parent to a schoolboy when you start preparing tokens for teachers. =)

I wanted to do something for Pablo's teachers because they're really nice people and he enjoys school so much. I was thinking of having food delivered but thought it would be fun to involve the little guy so I bought some chocolate, candy and colored plastic bags. Pablo has a serious side so he put his game face on and took to the task. He would choose a color, rumple it like mad to open it, carefully put the bigger pieces inside, try to hold as much of the smaller ones in one hand before shoving it all in. We prepared 6 together before he started chasing Duchess and pelting her with empty bags (sigh...toddler attention spans).

The PTA at our school is pretty active and I came home with a lot of candy from school. I didn't know which to eat first! Pablo solved the problem by taking the box of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts. He happily proceeded to open it thinking it was a toy. The look of confusion and disappointment on his face was priceless! I was afraid he'd throw it but he just put it back together again and handed it to me.

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