Saturday, October 8, 2011

Disaster in the Kitchen

This is what a typical Saturday looks like in our house (it's a little better when Eric is around):

I complained to Pablo about the huge mess that he had made. He promptly ran into the laundry room to get a broom.

You can't really get any cleaning done with a toddler "helping" you, so I asked him to barricade the kitchen to keep Duchess out while I tried to sort through the mess. He did a great job of keeping Duchess from getting near, but then got a carried away.

While digging through the bin he found a ribbon so he ran off to tie his trucks and slippers together. Meanwhile, I had finished the kitchen floor and cleared the second mess. I was about to start on the dishes when he came back and started rummaging through the drawer. He found the plastic bags we used a few days ago and proceeded on a new project:

And this is just the first floor, there are three other rooms upstairs. Sometimes I question our decision not to have a full-time nanny or helper around.

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