Thursday, October 13, 2011

Critters of 61B

Duchess is really great with Pablo. She's extremely patient and puts up with the tail-pulling, leaps, kicks, flying missiles and a whole lot more. When Pablo was a newborn, she would run to him whenever he cried. As he got older, his yaya would call Duchess over whenever Pablo was upset and he would squeal with delight upon seeing her.

Snuggling in a corner

"C'mon Duchie, let's go!"

Puppy love

She benefits from his attention sometimes. Pablo drops cookies and crackers for her, occasionally up-ends an entire bowl of fried rice on the floor or throws a stuffed toy in her direction. He looooves getting her in trouble and laughs out loud whenever we reprimand Duchess or chase her around the house when she has something in her mouth that shouldn't be there (like a diaper or a sock).

The furball is getting older (11 years next month) and it pains me to think of the time when she won't be around anymore. But for now, we're enjoying our time together. She's getting more insistent about needing time and attention and has been jumping into our bed regularly. I don't mind it at all as I like having our critters close by.

"Chow time Duchie!"

"How do you like Mama's new ride?"

Time out

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